About Us

Founded in 1929, First Federal Bank of California has been focused on meeting the banking needs of the Southern California communities in which it serves for over 76 years. With $7.7 billion in assets and thirty branches located throughout its marketplace, First Fed was built on the premise of neighbors helping neighbors. Helping our clients manage their finances, save and invest to live better is at the core of our service philosophy. A few facts to consider about First Fed:

  1. Third largest Los Angeles-based financial institution.** Assets of $7.7 billion as of 06/30/07.
  2. Holding company traded on the NYSE since 1987 (symbol FED).
  3. Full-service financial solutions, including commercial banking, wealth and asset management and income property lending.
  4. Full online banking capability.

*3.01% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective 08/26/08. Rate and terms subject to change without notice.
.**Ranked by asset size. Financial information as of 12/31/04 as compiled by the FDIC.