10 Reasons Why the Economic Stimulus Package was a Complete Failure

In the beginning of the year Obama told us that if we dont pass his economic stimulus package that unemployment could reach 8 percent.

Lately, unemployment was 10.2 percent and is expected to keep inclining through next year.

The Stimulus Package Failure

The stimulus package was a failure in so many ways, here are my top ten reasons;

  • It failed in reviving the economy.
  • It failed to protect the value of the dollar which foreign nations are now threatening to replace.
  • It failed to halt the housing bubble, which will bust again after the fed stops buying mortgages.
  • It failed to stop a stock market bubble from Building up, which is getting ready to bust.
  • It failed to give any real jobs.

I hope the top leaderships stops thinking on its feet and comes out with the concrete decisions which will really help in the United states economy to prosper.And if they don’t the US economy could fall down like a pack of cards.


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